Site Rules


  1. The numbered pitch peg marks the centre of your pitch.

  2. Please keep the campsite clean and tidy by using the recycling bins and litter receptacles provided and replacing the lids on the dustbins. Waste and grey water must be emptied only at the disposal site provided.

  3. Drive with care, there are children about and the SPEED LIMIT is 10 MPH. Only fully licensed drivers are allowed to drive on the site. It is not permissible to wash cars, caravans, etc. on the site.

  4. Please act in a courteous and considerate manner towards us, our staff and other guests and supervise children and pets so that they are not a nuisance or danger to themselves or others.

  5. Undue noise is not permitted as it may disturb other people, please turn down radios and televisions and be as quiet as possible. Quiet must be observed between 11:00pm and 7:00am for the consideration of others.

  6. Do not leave your dog unattended at any time. Dogs must be kept on a short lead and are NOT allowed to foul when in the Caravan and Camping Areas. A dog walk is provided. Dog owners are responsible for the disposal of any fouling elsewhere in the doggie bins provided. Failure to comply will result in dog owners being asked to leave the site.

  7. No unauthorised trading is allowed within the camping grounds.

  8. Bookings run from 12:30pm to 12:00pm (midday). If you want to stay after midday on the day of departure please check availability and confirm arrangements at reception.

  9. Visitor numbers and late departures are both subject to availability and management discretion, please check with Reception.

  10. Ground sheets of awnings and tents must be lifted at least twice a week to air the ground unless on a hardstanding.

  11. Washing lines are not permitted on the site. NO washing to be hung over hedges or fencing. Clothes must be hung discreetly at side of van.

  12. NO open fires – NO toilet tents – NO children to be left on the site unattended – NO drones without management permission  NO firearms, air pistols, catapults, kites, etc. are permitted on the site.

  13. Horses – please DO NOT FEED them. NEVER walk between a mother and her foal they can inflict serious injury. PLEASE DO NOT FEED any other farm animals. Fenced paddocks are strictly out of bounds at all times.

  14. Trees and shrubs – please see that damage is not caused to trees and shrubs on the site.

  15. Please use the childrens recreation areas for all games. Please use the football pitch area for all ball games.

  16. Site fees are payable whether the caravan/tent is occupied or not. Fees are payable at the commencement of stay. Individual sites will be allocated on arrival. No change should be made thereafter by the occupants except by permission at reception, which will not be unreasonably withheld.

  17. The Park owner will accept no liability for the person or property of any person using the site.

  18. The use of generators is not permitted.

  19. The 16 amp electric hook up point is for the sensible use of proprietary caravan and camping electrical equipment. Unfortunately this does not include electric awning heaters and standard domestic kettles or hair dryers.

  20. The Park is responsible for the safety of the electrical system up to the socket on the hook up point at the pitch. It is your responsibility to ensure that the plug, cable and associated sockets used to connect between the hook up point and your unit is safe. The Park will not accept responsibility for any accident or loss arising from the use of unsuitable or unsafe electrical equipment connected to the Park’s hook up point. Do not let children play around electric hook up points or cables.

  21. It is your responsibility to ensure your gas appliances are fit for purpose, safe and in good working order.

  22. All cars, caravans, awnings, tents, etc. which are parked in the vicinity of trees, are the sole risk of the owner and management cannot accept responsibility for damage caused by falling trees or parts thereof.

  23. Barbecues may be used providing they are raised above ground level. The lighting of open fires is strictly prohibited as are log burners, fire baskets and Chinese lanterns.

  24. Day visitors must register at reception before entering the main site area and must adhere to these Site Rules.

  25. The Management reserve the right to refuse admission to any person at any time.

  26. We aim to provide a good standard of service to our guests, however, if you should you notice an oversight on our part or have a complaint during your holiday please raise it with a member of staff immediately so we have the opportunity to address the matter in a timely manner. If you do wish to pursue the matter following your departure please write to us within 28 days.


As these Site Rules are provided with your booking confirmation; are displayed in the Tourist Information Centre and available on request it will be deemed that they are acceptable and will be observed by all members of your party. Those failing to comply with these Site Rules will be asked to leave the site at any time without a refund.