PODS on the Park


The Camping POD is an insulated wooden hut designed to be used like a tent however there is no need to worry about where those poles go or whether you brought the mallet for the pegs. Our PODs have the advantage of being set up, ready for use, on your arrival so bring all the camping gear, including bed & bedding, but forget about the tent.

Each POD has plenty of headroom and ample space for 2 people alone or 2 adults and 2 children with an interior carpeted floor area some 8 feet (~2.5m) wide by 9 feet (~2.75m) long and a forward projecting porch to provide some shelter if the doors are open.

There is a raised area of timber decking extending the 'living area' and providing somewhere to sit & relax, admire the view, sun-bathe, dine out or should the weather be bad, lose the wet gear before going inside.


Reasons to be cheerful in our PODs:-

· Already set-up when you arrive

· No putting up and taking down of tents - especially if wet !!

· More privacy and lockable door

· Adjacent car parking

· No tent flapping keeping you awake

· Decked area for relaxing & dining

· Lighting and power point

· Good ventilation for the hot days, insulated for the colder evenings.

· A guaranteed dry place should the weather get a little damp

· A massive hit with the kids

· Pets welcome

· Use of all the other campsite facilities e.g. freezer and microwave


Why not leave the tent behind or extend your camping season and come and try out camping in one of Cotswold View’s PODs known locally as  “Hedgehog”, “Dormouse”, “Squirrel”, “Mole”, “Badger” “Robin”, “Woodpecker”, "Swallow" and "Pigeon". Now with their larger friends “Rabbit”, “Cuckoo" & "Magpie". accommodating  up to 6 people.


Skylark is a recent addition to our site and boasts a wealth of facilities!

  • There are three single couches, two of which pull out to make two double beds, all with mattresses so it sleeps up to five people (you do still need to bring your own bedding!).

  • Skylark also has a fridge, a microwave and a table with benches.


All but one pods interior (Skylark), can be seen below (no bedding).